Microcement Application

What is Microcement?

Microcement is an ideal decorative coating for any type of surface.

It is a product that does not crack and whose resistance and toughness has nothing to do with traditional cement and its derivatives.
Microcement does not require joints. Its application results in a continuous pattern, marbled or unicolour without cutouts or joints on the surfaces where it is applied. The result is an extremely aesthetic and completely waterproof decorative coating. Being pore free and without joints, it does not require great maintenance and its cleaning is very comfortable and simple.

Due to the fact of not having joints, it is washable and resistant to molds and humidity, the owners of residential and commercial spaces start to see microcement as an efficient coating to apply in any area where aesthetic and hygiene have a big importance.
Granatur is a reference in the sector due to the utilization of a more complete application scheme (higher number of layers) reaching a higher level of efficiency, always with the purpose of plain satisfaction of its clients.

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