Thin Thickness

Thin Thickness – the versatility of natural stones

Sophistication, personality and uniqueness, are some of the most important characteristics that we can attribute to the natural stones works.
The natural beauty that it´s confined to the diverse spaces, takes to a constant research for solutions that allow the natural stone application in international renowned projects.
Not so long ago, in most of the cases, it was necessary to resort to alternatives of stone imitation, artificial products, once the weight of this natural resource wasn´t viable in some specific projects or application.
Nowadays, to whom appreciate feel the comfort, design and glamour that natural stones brings to the projects and to the diverse spaces, doesn´t need to deal with different materials. The thin thickness, it´s a solution to work with natural stones, making them lighter and thinner, increasing this way the versatility in projects that look for innovation and the exciting color, texture and format variations, even if the space can´t support the weight of the natural stone slabs.

Furniture, decorations products, bathrooms, bedrooms, living or dining rooms – everything it´s possible to adapt working with thin thickness.

The equipment’s evolution, new technologies and team specialization, allows, that today Granatur can offer this service to their customer, continuing this way their versatility and availability to work closely to their needs and projects.