International Presence – Granatur in Gabon

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Characterize as an available, versatile and dynamics Company, the Granatur teams are enabled to follow the customer projects, regardless the geographical location.

After his presence in several markets, like France, Spain, Chine, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Canada, Granatur has started now projects in African countries.

With given evidence of their work, in projects of high importance in the international markets, as the Baku Bank in Azerbaijan, the entry of Granatur in African markets is marked by its participation in the project of the national pantheon in Gabon, which has a high importance to that country and specially to their president. Congo it´s the next destiny, to where all the preparation works are already started.

To be able to accomplish with the nature of these international projects, requires high levels of experience and specialization, reason why to Granatur it´s important to have teams available to the constant displacement. In fact in this industry is even a crucial point for those who want to internationalize.

With offices in Portugal and France, all the international projects, are managed accordingly the customer desires and local cultures, looking always to establish a long-term partnerships that represent a constant source of motivation and improvement.

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